Ben Kaplan

Ben Kaplan is a Video Advertising major with a minor in Comedic Writing at Emerson College. This summer will be his 5th summer at Brave Arts. Outside of Brave Arts, Ben enjoys making music with friends, rock climbing, and theater.


Ben is dedicated to making sure that everyone is invited to the "party" and that every kid is enjoying their time at camp. Furthermore, Ben helps kids grow as musicians with his 10 years of piano, 7 years of guitar, and 4 years of drumming experience.


In 2019, Ben directed a high school production of Matilda the Musical alongside counselor Jordan McLaughlin. He is also a former member of the Sound and Spirit community choir’s artistic committee. Ben can’t thank Brave Arts enough for the years of memories, experience, and personal growth (both on and off stage!) and he is so thrilled to be able to return to this special place as a counselor.