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Charlotte Davidson

Charlotte has been involved in theatre ever since the Dover-Sherborn production of Brigadoon in 2009. The draw of performing kept her coming back year after year. But ever since she joined Open Fields in 2013 she knew that she had found not only a talented cast but a loving family. She could not be more excited to return as a counselor for Brave Arts this summer, and she's been counting down the days until the start of camp. Teaching has provided another dimension to theatre for her, and she loves being able to share something she loves, with people she loves.


Currently enrolled at the George Washington University in D.C., Charlotte is studying both theatre and cognitive psychology. She has been involved in both GW department theatre and student theatre on campus, both onstage and offstage, in productions including A New Brain, Edges: A Song Cycle, The Comedy of Errors, and L'Atelier (The Workroom).


Outside of theatre, Charlotte works as a cook for the restaurant Teashi in D.C., and for the non-BA weeks of summer returns to the field crew for Silverwood Organic Farm in Sherborn, MA., where she loves spending time working in the sun and harvesting veggies for local school systems and markets.

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