Due to ongoing construction at the CSW campus a slight change of location:

Drop-offs and pick-ups will now be at the side of the ADMISSIONS BUILDING #1. The Medcheck form will need to be checked before exiting the car. 



MORNING DROP-OFF: between 8:50 am - 9:00 am



Friday, July 16th at 1:30 PM 

Friday, July 23rd at 1:30 PM

Friday, July 30th at 1:30 PM 

Friday performances will be held on the CSW campus - exact location and audience size TBD! 

*No tickets are required

Required forms are due by July 1. Please e-mail to






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2021 Health & Safety

We recommend reading our must updated COVID-19 Safety & Risk Mitigation plan here: but have provided this FAQ as a quick overview! 

What measures are in place for COVID-19 safety and risk mitigation? 


We’re using a 5-point plan: 1. face coverings (masks) in indoor spaces, 2. distancing in indoor spaces, 3. ventilation and prioritizing outdoor teaching, 4. hand hygiene and 5. testing, symptom/exposure reporting and contact tracing 


Each of our registered families had to agree to our Community Agreement when signing up for Brave Arts this summer. 


What information did you use to make your COVID-19 plans? 


We consulted both the Massachusetts and CDC guidelines for summer programs and camps as well as the Town of Weston Board of Health and CSW’s prior policies. While Brave Arts is considered a program rather than a licensed camp due to the nature of our teaching-style and low-risk activities, we are closely following traditional camp protocols for COVID-19 prevention and safety. 


Are you requiring COVID-19 vaccination? What about testing? 


While we are not requiring vaccinations as some of our kids will not be eligible for the vaccine yet, we are highly encouraging all kids age 12 & up to receive their full dosage of the vaccine and be fully vaccinated prior to Brave Arts. Anyone who does not provide proof of their vaccination will be considered unvaccinated. 


A negative PCR test 1-3 days prior to the start of the session is required for every unvaccinated participant. If your participant is vaccinated, we are encouraging, but not requiring a negative test prior to the start. 


Will there be a symptom check everyday? 


We will require our families to fill out the Brave Arts Medcheck form and have this verified by a counselor before your child can be dropped off at the CSW campus. When you pull up to the carpool circle you will check in with a Brave Arts counselor who will give you the verbal ok! 


What if my child is displaying or reporting symptoms? 


If your child has symptoms listed on the Medcheck form that are not clearly related to allergies or another known cause, please do not bring them to Brave Arts. Instead call 508-314-1792  to report their absence and contact your child’s physician to see if they should be scheduled for a COVID test. 


If your child displays or reports symptoms while at Brave Arts they will be brought to a designated isolated room to wait with a staff member monitoring them and sent home for the day. Please ensure your child can be picked up within one hour if they become ill. They may not return to Brave Arts until they have been fever free without the use of a fever reducer for 24+ hours and either have a negative PCR test result or physician’s permission. 


What is the refund policy if I keep my child home and/or they are sent home? 


Brave Arts does not issue refunds for sick or absent days. If your child is out sick for an extended period of time past one day please contact executive director Keith Greenfield who will consult with families on a case by case basis. 


What is the mask policy? Distancing policy? 


In short the mask policy is all participants and staff, regardless of vaccination status, will need to wear masks indoors unless eating and maintain distance of at least 3 feet during group sessions and 6 feet while eating. Once outside everyone may take their mask off and space at least 3 feet while singing. 


Who is considered a close contact? How will contact tracing work? 


Vaccinated individuals will not be considered a close contact if exposed to someone with confirmed COVID-19 but should continue to monitor for symptoms. Unvaccinated individuals who have been indoors within six feet of a confirmed case for 15+ minutes will be contacted by Brave Arts staff. Any confirmed cases will be reported to the Weston Board of Health. 


Will lunch be provided? Where will everyone eat? 


Meals will only be provided for our boarding session participants this year due to limited cafeteria access and safety. Day session participants will bring their own lunch (no nut products) that can be stored in the fridge. We will eat outside unless the weather is inclement in which case we’ll move indoors and space out.