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Read what the kids and grown-ups of Brave Arts have to say!

"You, along with my sisters and brothers, have taught me so much over the years; how to break out of my shell, and smile, and raise my voice." Tori
"My cousin who has taught kindergarten kept saying 'How does he do it with all those kids!' And I would reply that you are amazingly talented at directing and teaching children. So there is the gift to the community - the gift of love acting to the players and the gift of total entertainment to the audience." Livi

"Let me thank you…for all the work you do with the kids and for the special memories you provide. They are truly what a blessed childhood is made of." Francine

"How is it possible that while you are juggling about a million tasks, kids, and responsibilities, you still found the time to make one little cheerleader feel very special… thanks for all that you are doing for my kids." Winnie

"I want to reiterate, once again, how you touch, so positively, the lives of so many children and teenagers… and how the experiences you bring to them, and they are not all on stage, help to shape the people they will become." Shawn

"You always give everyone a chance and that is a gift. Not all drama departments share in your passion to let everyone participate and feel a part of the team. You do and that is what gives the children the confidence to try again and again." Kathy

"You are a fine example for all. Now that you have shown them how to fly, the kids are going to the moon." John

"What struck me the most is how you have used this as a vehicle not only of art and artistic development, but also as a community building organization." Peg

"You know there is something truly special taking place when a group of people who are so different when it comes to hometown, age, school, etc. can come together and share a common interest and really become a family… these are the people and experiences in life we will never forget." Liz

"Thank you for making me not just a star, but a rock star!" Maggie

"After the Friday night performance, she came home to me and said all went well and 'I'm glad I let my voice out, Mommy!!' Thanks to you, you have provided an environment for all the kids to 'let their voices out' and what a wonderful thing!" Blair , on her daughter Gracie

"I realized that having a solo is great and all, but being able to share that great feeling is even more special." Jaime

"You have a very special gift and may you continue to inspire the young people fo the community." the Gallagher family

"Music IS magic, and YOU are the magician!! ... It is absolutely certain that you really do have your priorities in order. Consider quitting your day job: your magic remains in too short supply – thanks for sharing your pixie dust with me!"  Kenneth

"Once again I am amazed at what you are able to do with a large group of kids with such varying ages… thank you for giving [our daughter] the opportunity and the encouragement to stretch outside of her "comfort zone!" The Haffey family

"I wish there were more nice people in the world like you." Carol

"It is truly magic to see [our children] perform on stage with such poise and joy. It is equally magic to see them so excited about the friendships they form and the values they have reinforced." The Noonan family

"Thank you for teaching us. It was fun to be on stage." "I made so many new friends. I like to sing and dance." Sophie and Talia

"You have taught [my daughter] how to sing and dance, but most importantly you have taught her good values and most of all, self confidence." Kim​

"I have really grown as an actress, singer and performer in general thanks to your help and coaching."  Sarah

"We have no idea how you do it… but you have the Magic and we believe in Magic." John

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you gave/give our kids!! I have a much clearer understanding of how much WORK goes into each and every little detail!! WOW! Keaton had a good time and I can see his confidence has really grown! I love that his awareness about all types/other types of music has greatly expanded!" Jennifer, on her son Keaton

"You have provided a safe and encouraging haven where kids can take chances, and parents can trust in letting go. What a gift… Day after day, you bring to the floor a consistent and precious message – that these kids are the world. That they are worthy and deserving of shining moments, that their utter existence will affect people." Carol

"I am so amazed by all you give. You give so much, love, encouragement, time, smiles, happy family moments and experience (I can't think of enough nice words) to our community" Klarina

"I think what you are doing is remarkable. I know you have already left your fingerprints on hundreds of children. What you have done is an incredible gift, Keith!" Marcie

"Thank you for your tremendous energy and leadership. The momentum of your positive intentions and goodness is what draws us all in and makes it work so beautifully." Mary

"Perhaps the most important underpinning of Open Fields is the philosophy that everyone can succeed. You use the artistic medium of the theater to create a life altering experience and you do it superbly. If an individual succeeds at something that is not normally within their range or ability, it makes an indelible mark on them and boosts their self-esteem and their confidence. Who knows what far reaching effect this mark will have on the life of that individual?" Karen

"I never feel as if there are enough words to thank you for all you do for so many, many children – their families, friends, and neighbors – and the young adults that you engage as collaborators on the Open Fields productions. So, the best I can do is share the little stories I hear at home and around town – those moments that I hope remind you what heroes you are to our kids." Bonnie
"You've virtually taught me everything I know about theater. Whether it was onstage, backstage or behind the scenes, with each show I've learned something new. You've also taught me so many lessons about life that I will always remember and use. I wish you could teach everyone in the world that when someone is hostile towards you, rather than treating the same, to instead shower them with kindness…. You've allowed so many kids to begin to follow their dreams and hopes. You've given all of us confidence on and off stage. Thank you… most of all, for giving me the chance at what I love to do more than anything." Sarah
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