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Abby Shannon

Abby was inspired to become a teacher by Keith, Tina, Sarah, and Dan who have created a beautiful community where teamwork, mutual respect, and love lead, so that learning and growing follows naturally. Abby owns her own private tutoring practice, Homeworking, where she helps students develop strategies, organize chaos, and implement new skills in and around their academic life. 


Abby has loved musical theater since her first show with Open Fields, Brave Arts' sister organization, in 2002. She participated in every Open Fields show, performed in all middle and high school musicals, and ultimately closed out her high school theater experience playing The Wicked Witch in Open Fields' production of The Wizard of Oz. Years later, Abby found herself working backstage at an Open Fields performance and soon begged to join the ranks of talented counselors at Brave Arts who quickly became her best friends and family. Like many returning campers, Abby is counting down the seconds until Brave Arts where she gets to meet new faces and make new friends!

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