Abby Shannon

Abby has loved musical theater since her first show with Open Fields, Brave Arts sister organization, in 2002. She participated in every Open Fields show, performed in all middle and high school musicals, and ultimately closed out her high school theater experience playing The Wicked Witch in Open Fields' production of The Wizard of Oz. After graduating from high school, Abby performed in musicals while attending Boston University but always missed the pure spirit of the community theater she'd left. After her time in Boston, Abby found herself working backstage at an Open Fields performance and soon begged to join the ranks of talented counselors at Brave Arts whom she now calls family. Like many returning campers, Abby is counting down the seconds until Brave Arts where she gets to meet new faces and form new connections with performers new and old.


Abby was inspired to become a teacher by Keith, Tina, Sarah, and Dan who have created a community where teamwork, mutual respect, and love lead, so that learning and growing happens naturally. Abby is leaving her role as an Academic Coordinator at Dover Sherborn High School and will be starting a private practice where she helps students develop strategies, organize chaos, and implement new skills around their academic life. She will be taking this practice with her on her move to Tennessee this fall and already looks forward to her drive back to MA for many Brave Arts summers to come!